Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux (Original Soundtrack)


Nominated for "Best Original Score" - 2012 Genie Awards

Jaloux (Original Soundtrack) - Ramachandra Borcar

Ramachandra Borcar presents his latest score for the movie “Jaloux”. The dark and atmospheric atonal score was written for chamber orchestra, and was inspired by the music of early 20th century composers Stravinsky, Bartok and Webern, film score master Bernard Herrmann and the 60’s Japanese new wave composers Takemitsu, Satoh and Hayashi.

This vividly shot psychological thriller was directed by Patrick Demers with whom Ram previously collaborated on the documentary “Regular Or Super: Views On Mies van der Rohe” (available on CD / digital as “Steel And Glass”). The film also features outstanding lead performances by Sophie Cadieux, Maxime Denommée and Benoit Gouin. 

“…crisply edited to build psychological tension underlined by the masterful music of Ramachandra Borcar. Jaloux is a tour de force…” – Martin Bilodeau, Toronto International Film Fest

“…the glorious score by Ramachandra Borcar would have fitted in a Hitchcock film…” - Montreal Film Journal

“… a psychological thriller brilliantly underlined by the uneasy score by Ramachandra Borcar.” – Marie-Hélene Mello, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

“Supported by the beautiful, Hitchcockian music composed by Ramachandra Borcar…” - Les Rendez-Vous Du Cinéma Québécois

Watch the trailer HERE.

Jaloux - Productions Kinesis
Jaloux - Le Film on Facebook

Music written and arranged by Ramachandra Borcar
Recorded by Rob Heaney at Studio Piccolo & Studio Victor
Mixed by Rob Heaney at Studio Victor Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering

The musicians:
Francois Pilon - 1st violin
Daniele Bourget - flute, piccolo
Jocelyne Roy- flute, bass flute, piccolo
Jean-Philippe Tanguay - flute, alto and bass flutes
Josée Marchand - oboe and english horn
Diane Lacelle - oboe and english horn
Mark Simons - clarinet, bass clarinet
Martin Carpentier - bass clarinet
Simon Aldrich - bass clarinet
Mathieu Harel - bassoon
Jocelyn Veilleux - french horn
Jean-Jules Poirier - french horn
Angelo Munoz - trombone
Patrice Richer - trombone
Olga Gross - harp
Johanne Morin - violin
Martine Gagné - viola
Bojana Milinov - viola
Sheila Hannigan - cello
Yannick Chenevert - contrabass


Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Eulogy
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Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Opening Theme
audio mp3

Ordinary Dream
audio mp3

El Boy Die
Dead Kings
audio mp3

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