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After the release of their first 7” single in 2006, Pas Chic Chic quickly gained the reputation as one of Canada’s brightest new acts and found themselves embraced worldwide despite their lyrics being in French.

The band’s lineup features former members of godspeed you! black emperor, Set Fire To Flames, and Fly Pan Am and sees them venturing in new directions previously unexplored in their rich musical past.

Their debut album Au Contraire was released in Canada on the 50th anniversary of the BBC founding the Radiophonic Workshop that had been created for the purpose of experimenting with new ways of using electronics to create new forms of music. Pas Chic Chic continues this legacy where the BBC left off.

The latest offering from the quartet comes in the form of a two song, twelve-inch vinyl EP aptly titled 12”  set to be released in the Fall 2010.

Their fractured melodies, cinematic arrangements, driving rhythms and retro-futuristic synths simultaneously bring to mind psychedelia, shoegaze and tropicalia. With echoes of Neu!Os MutantesFrancois de Roubaix and My Bloody Valentine, the band weave through their influences whilst creating a whole new vein of pop.

This is pop music with one foot in the past and the other, way into the distant future…

Press Quotes:
- "I’ve been enamored with their debut LP..." - Gorilla vs Bear

- "...A debut LP that seizes your attention from the first second. Tres magnifique" - The Big Takeover

- “hugely impressed by ‘Au Contraire’, whose urgent, disorientating and eloquent experimental psychedelic pop inhabits a bizarre hinterland." - Julian Cope / Head Heritage

- “Pas Chic Chic has found the ideal balance between experimental pop and elating shoegaze" - Slug Magazine

- "Pas Chic Chic is actually tres chic chic when it comes to style, and their sound is equally reflective.”" – XLR8R

-"Trippy francophone pop purveyors conjure a tilted landscape of sound – a bold debut with strains of avant garde musical elements battling for space within the heady compositions." – Exclaim


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December 4th // 2010

Julian Cope Reviews Pas Chic Chic's 12"

UK's legendary Julian Cope gives 12" a rave review in his December Address Drudion via Head Heritage: "The other slab of vinyl excellence worthy of consideration this month is the austere...

August 25th // 2010

Pas Chic Chic 12"

Everybody's been asking and the time has come... Pas Chic Chic's latest offering comes out this fall in the form of a two-song, twelve-inch vinyl EP (also available as a digital release) aptly titl...

October 13th // 2009

The Latest From Pas Chic Chic!

With the remaining copies of the "Tes Clichés Déclenchés" 7" single having dwindled down to only a handful, the two songs are finally being released in digital format on Nove...



Pas Chic Chic


Pas Chic Chic
Haydée Morcelée
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Pas Chic Chic
Mlle Mille
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Pas Chic Chic
Aude Aux Ondes
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Pas Chic Chic
Vous Comprenez Pourquoi
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Pas Chic Chic - interlude 1


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